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Fine Art Photography by Paul Hamilton

As a completely self-taught artist, acclaimed photographer Paul Hamilton started on the Sunshine Coast, Australia and soon expanded his photography worldwide. Intense, intriguing macro photographs of flowers showcase the brilliant colorsand elegant, spiritual nature of fauna and flora. Paul’s imagery speaks for itself and will leave the viewer gasping.


“Wow! Stunning, beautiful!! Your images are absolutely gorgeous, they’re artworks… All the best.” – Brodee, Chief Editor, Gardening Australia

“What beautiful photos and extremely marketable especially to the home and interior design market.” – Janet, Curator, Indigo Art Gallery

“Fowers in translucent lilac spray out on graceful stems which slip down to green, and from these stems, which botanists would call calyces, spray dusky pink gland-tipped hairs. It is the intricate beauty of ordinary plants, captured close-up, for which Paul is earning a reputation as a photographer.” – Janine Hill, Revive magazine

“They look stunning!” – Kidd & Co Designers

“The light is particularly amazing one this one – but your whole macro style is eye catching. Well done!”

“The light works beautifully in this shot. You have a way with using angles thatmakes for very interesting images.”